About Us

Mission: Celebrating YOU exactly where you are through quality, affordable pieces to make you feel strong, confident + comfortable! 

Purpose: Creating affordable, functional pieces to power everything you do in a day! 

As a Personal Trainer, Maddison knows how important it is to feel confident walking into your workout. Like anything in life, if we feel comfortable and confident - we typically perform better. After years of encouraging clients to workout in clothes they love - to be met with 'I want to lose x amount of lbs before I spent hundreds of dollars on new gym clothes' - she knew there had to be another option. This is where Myles Fitness was born!

How do we do it? 

  1. We operate online! This allows us to save the overhead of a store and pass that saving on to you! 
  2. We don't over margin. We price our products practically, so they're affordable to consumers ALL the time - not just during black Friday. 

Myles Fitness was created during a season of incredible change, we embrace the uncertainty that life can throw our way. We are the home of high quality, affordable activewear to power your most intense workouts in and out of the gym!

We whole-hearted believe that all Men and Women should chase their goals, celebrate their success, and most importantly pour love into themselves, & their bodies along the way!

- Maddison Noel