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Build Strength | Lose Weight | Gain Confidence 

Let's get STRONG

Myles STRONG is more than a health and fitness program. Set your goals, we'll make a plan, and you know the rest - it's time to reach those goals! This isn't a crash diet, this isn't a weight loss challenge. Myles STRONG was created for long term success and sustainability. Creating healthy habits that will last you a lifetime!

STRONG includes: 

  • New Monthly Workout Program 
  • Training App Access
  • Accountability
  • Encouragement

Workout programs are created with your lifestyle and goals in mind! We offer gym and home options, built around the equipment you have access to! Our Training App will guide you through workouts, and track your progress! All programs include video instructions on each exercise.

Programs launch on the 1st, and 15th of every month! Join us, and let's make those goals a reality!

  *This is not a one on one coaching program, if you're interested in a more supported program we have linked our One on One Coaching | Training and Nutrition Program for you! 
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